Useful links and files

Here you can find any links to any websites that will come in handy, as well as any useful/ important documents and files.

JROS- Junior Regional Orienteering Squads

DVO- Derwent Valley Orienteering

BOF- British Orienteering Federation

EMOA- East Midlands Orienteering Association

NOC- Nottingham Orienteering Club

LOG- Lincoln Orienteering Group

LEI- Leicestershire Orienteering Club

The O'Planner (Updated)- Spreadsheet of events, training days and championships coming in the next year.


Anne-Marie (Coach)

Ant Squire (Coach)

Ben O'Donnell (Webmaster)

Self-reflection sheet

Here can download the self reflection sheet that we use during the training sessions. Completing these will not only improve your run, but also improve your pre-course preparation.